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Machu Picchu tickets

Welcome to the New Wonder of the world "MACHU PICCHU"

Machu Picchu is located at 2400m, in the beginning on the jungle, it belongs to Machu Picchu district, province of Urubamba and region of Cusco, its in the 112km from Cusco, Its one of the new wonder of the world and there are various ways to reach Machu Picchu, and thousands of tourists acquire Machu Picchu tickets to visit this iconic site every day.

You can take train to Aguas Calientes then by bus to the citadel. or you can go hiking the famous Inca Trail, it has couple option, Classic Inca Trail 4D3N, Inca Trail 5D4N, Short Inca Trail 2D1N, Salkantay & Classic Inca Trail 7D6N. Hiking one of these option you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the royal Inca Trail which takes you walking through Sungate directly to Machu Picchu citadel.
You can get walking the Salkantay Trek as well. it has option to do in 4d3n and 5d4n, it one of the best alternative hike that takes you to Aguas Calientes where you overnight then take bus next morning and gives you chance to be one of the first ones at Machu Picchu citadel, You have
option to go by Inca jungle which takes you in 3d2n, it takes you to Aguas Calientes as well, where you stay a night and visit the citadel the following day, these are the options to get Machu picchu, you can choose one of our individual tours or custom packages, we have carefully reviewed each of our programs and gives you the chance to visit and enjoy the most popular attractions that our region has.

Machu Picchu tickets
Travel to Machu picchu

There are many questions you may have about Machu picchu, see our FQA below:

Machu picchu is located at 2400m, its humid place, its the beggining of the jungle and there are mosquitoes, Aguas Calientes the capital of the district is located at 2000m , is where is all hotels, restaurants, train station, bus station, all services are located in Aguas Calientes, then you take bus to visit Machu picchu,

It has 2 season, wet season from November to Mid April, where usually is raining, we highly recommend you to bring your rain gear, and dry season where usually is sunny everyday is from May to October, they are consider the best time to visit the new wonder, as you will have the best views all around, during the dry season temperature is around 20°C – 25°C and during wet season is around 15°C.

There are couple option hoe you can get there.
1.- take train, there are 2 train companies working on the railway Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes and viceversa,
a) Peru Rail has many option mostly day have train leaving each hour, they have Expeditions train, Vistadome train and the luxury Hiran bingham train. we include the expedition tourist class train in our trek and package, but we can upgrade to Vistadome or Hiran bingham, you can check and request at booking time.
b)Inca Rail , they have train going with regularity, they have train called VOYAGER which is same category than Expeditions, then 360 which is similar than Vistadome, lastly they have good service without any delays, Perurail mostly have delays in the service. traveling either train company you will have amazing experince, its about 1h 45 minutes either way, all train has window and you will have amazing views,
2.- Another option to get Machu picchu is hikking the famous Inca Trail , the Classic Inca Trail are the most popular one, its about 45km , it start at km 82 and takes you directly walking throuhg sun gate to Machu picchu, you will have 3 night camping along the way, each day you will walk around 14km,and the last day is by 5km from Wiñayhuayna campsite to Machu picchu. Another option is the Short Inca Trail 2D1N, it only one day hiking, it starts at km 104 then is about 12km walking, along the way you will visit Chachabamba Inca site, then Wiñayhuayna, its consider the most beautiful on the Inca Trail and finally Sun gate, once you get this point you will have the first view of Machu picchu . ANother popular route that takes you to Machu picchu is the Salkantay trek, it takes you in 5days,

There are many hotels and they are located in Aguas Calientes, there are luxury ones like Inka Terra pueblo, Sumaq and Santuary lodge, the last one is located next to Machu picchu citadel, there are many 3 *** hotels like Casa Andina. Tierra Viva, Inti Punko, Taypicala, If you search online you will find them. the popular search is throuhg tripadvisor.

You may travel alone but you need to buy your tickets in advance, however we highly recommend you to travel with a local travel agency, that way you will have all logistic ready and you will just enjoy the beauty of each place, we take care all tickets and logistic in advance according which tour or trek you will book it. permits are selling out quickly and needs to buy at least 2 month in advance.

Only 3044 permits per day are available, that is why is very important you may purchased your entry fee in advance, check with our booking team and get your ticket in advance, we can get you to purchase just tciket as well, in case you are not interested in one of our tours, check with our eamil team, If you decide to get your ticket in Cusco , there is low chance you will get one. is better you can get in advance.

Once the Machu Picchu tickets are purchased they are not refundable or transferable, It is very important that you are sure that ticket you are getting the correct one, travel date and your passport information need to be correct, then you will not have a problem, once you are in Machu Picchu there are is main control gate where you will need to show your passport and ticket and all details need to be correct.

Machu picchu is possible to visit now in different circuit, you can visit only one, the most popular ones are the circuit 1 and 2, they cover most of the top sites in the citadel, it gives you chance to be in the upper part of citadel from where you will have the best views of Machu picchu, circuit 3 are made for Inca trail hikers, they arrive from the trail the upper part of citadel, they have time to enjoy the nest views then they will do the circuit 3 which is the middle part of citadel. circuit 4 and the below part of the citadel, its included with huayna picchu mountain ticket. for these reasons we highly recommend you to book your tour ot package in advance, so we will guarantee your ticket with circuit 1 or 2.

No, there is not regulation that says you need this vaccination, Machu picchu is located just at the beggining of jungle, if you are traveling to amazon in that case you will need it.

There are 2 train companies, Peru Rail is the one working already for many year and had many trains going from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes Viceversa . they have train leaving almost each hour. they have 3 kind of services. Expeditions are the tourist class train that most travelers use. Vistadome and Hiran Bingham. the last one the luxury one, it cost by 500 USD each way.
Another train company is Inca Rail, they are new one in the route doing well, they have less options than Peru rail, they have Voyager consider same as expedition, 360° same than Vistadome. they have trains in the morning , midday and afternoon , they are usually ontime on departure and arrivel. while Perurail mostly has delays.

Perú rail and Inca Rail for being only 2 of them in the market, there is not much choice, you muct choose one of them, according the latest repor or travelers experience, Inca Rail is more confident, they depart and arrive the destination ontime, while Peru rail has many delays and they had tecnical problems.

Huana Picchu is the famous mountain which is land in the background of Machu picchu, only 200 spots per day are available, if you are hoping to hike huayna picchu mountain, you have to book it in advance at least 3 monht before travel date, it cost $75 each ticket. it takes you around 45m up way and 45m down, approximately 2hours up and down. the path is steep, and its not recommended for travelers who are afraid of cliffs.

How high is Huayna picchu mountain.
Huayna Picchu mountain is located at 2700m, its about 300m up you will hike from Machu picchu citadel. once you are on the summit you will have amazing views to Machu picchu and around.

Machu picchu mountain is located in one of the sides of Machu picchu citadel, its the higher mountain, it takes about 3h up and down, all way is steps, the latest time to acces the Machu picchu mountain is from 8 to 9am, for that reason is mostly recommend you hike first the mountain and one you back you can do the guided tour the Machu picchu citadel. it cost $75 each ticket, it needs to book in advance at least 2 month before to travel date.

Machu picchu mountain is located at 2800m, hikking this mountain you will hike about 400m up, the path is just one way until the summit and back the same way to back, once you are at the summit of this mountain you will see all around Machu picchu and back side where the inca trail is.

Only Inca trail hikers can have chance to get sun gate now, before ws possible to hike sun gate from Machu picchu, but after covid 19 pandemic, the Peruvian goverment changed the regulation and now only hikers who are doing the Classic Inca Trail, or short Inca Trail have chance to get the Sun date walking then get into the Machu Picchu citadel.

Yes, Inca bridge are part of the Machu picchu ticket with circuit 1 or 2, if you able to get this tciket, you will be able to visit and see the Inca bridge, it was one of the main access to Machu picchu from jungle area where was located the Vilcabamba , it was another inca town, we still have an amazing inca site now called Vilcabamba where was the possible the lost city of the Incas.

If you are planning to Travel Cusco and visit Machu picchu, we highly recommneded you to consider the winter season which is consider as dry season which is from May to October, between those months you will have good weather with sunny days which allows you to enjoy the best views that each atrctions offers, from Nomber to mid April are the wet season where we usually have rain, from January to March are more intense the rain, almost everyday, for those months we highly suggest you may bring a rain gear (jacket and pant), as Machu picchu is located at the cloud forest area.

Machu picchu’s capital is Aguas Calientes Village where is located all hotels, restaurants, train station, there are ATM where you can get cash, but as many travelers getting there everyday, sometime there is not cash, its better you may take some cash with you from Cusco, most of the restaurants and hotels take credit cards as well.

Yes, there are many hotels in Aguas Calientes, only 3 luxury hotels, Inkaterra Pueblo hotel, Sumaq and Santuary lodge, this last one is located next to Machu picchu citadel, another option are the 3*** hotels, they have private rooms with hot shower, wifi and breakfast included, you will find many option, the most popular ones are Tierra Viva Machu picchu, Casa Andina, La Jaya, Grupo Inti, Taypicala, Intipunko Machu picchu, etc. if you search online throuhg tripadvisor you will find them and more.

Yes, you can travel with your kids, from 3 to 17 year old are consider kids or students and they pay less than adults, if you have baby less than 3 years, you need ticket as exonerated, everyone needs a ticket to visit the Machu picchu citadel.
We know there are still many questions about Machu Picchu, if you have any other questions feel free to contact us throuhg our online chat, we will assist you quickly and make the perfect plan trip, that way you will have a lifetime experience,

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