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Qoricancha Expeditions gives you the opportunity to visit and enjoy the amazing places that Peru, Cusco and Machu picchu offers at a great price. The Qoricancha Expeditions reviews show high ratings from satisfied customers for all aspects of the trip, so you can be assured that you will be in good hands. If you have any questions at any time during your trip, 24 hour support is offered, so there will always be someone to answer your queries. We offer various adventure styles with carefully Taylor made tours, treks and packages, along with a wide range of destinations and departure dates. If you look at the Qoricancha Expeditions reviews you will see that you can travel in Confident & Flexibility, with experienced and helpful guides to assist you during your whole trip. Our unique goal is you have a lifetime experience in your travel to Machu picchu.


Qoricancha Expeditions started in 2015 by Victor Escalante (Lic in Tourist & bussines managment) fully experienced guide with over 10 years working organizing an authentic journeys to Machu Picchu. He had the belief that other travelers would want to share the experiences and authentic adventures of travel, in a responsible and sustainable way.

Originally we started with couple trips in Cusco city, mostly with day trips, we have now the opportunity to sell tours, treks & Packages in south área of Peru, Machu picchu as new wonder of the world has a theousand people planning a trip and we designed carefully the tours, treks an Packages that most travelers requested, choosing one of our travel packages to Machu picchu you Will see most of the amazing places that our country has as a destination.

What makes us different

Why Qoricancha Expeditions

We are a local Authentic tour operator based in Cusco city, we offer you all tours packages to Machu picchu with experienced tour guides who Will make your journey as lifetime experience, Good guides = great experienced. Our prices are very competitive in the market and our groups are smaller with a max of 8 people which guaranteed a great experience and service are perzonalized.

We have a staff with years of experienced in this business who loves their job and ready always to assist you, to provide you the best package options, our guides who are passionate to share all about history, creating unforgettable experiences. They are ready for any help you may need and handle any emergencies as well.

  • We trained in First Aid, CPR, and other safety protocols
  • We supported 24/7 by our office staff & tour guides. who are well-equipped to handle emergencies
  • We can help you find local clinics if you’re feeling sick
  • We have extensive local knowledge to proactively help you navigate while you are traveling with us.
  • Our local knowledge allows for greater flexibility when it comes to knowing the best time to visit Machu Picchu, avoid crowds, best spots to take pictures.

We are proud to promote the sustainability in all our tour & packages, we also offer 100% Guaranteed Departures on all tours. This means that if you book your tour, it is guaranteed to depart, with no minimum number of travelers, our groups are max of 8 people which guatareed your satisfaction in your journey. small groups = personalized tour.

If you’re travelling solo, you are welcome to our groups with not aditional cost, only packages with hotels included charge an aditional cost, it can be check at booking time, we took many solo traveler so far and they had an amazing experience. We will make sure your trip is full of local insight, great experiences, and we will do everything we can to enrich your travels.

Our tours & packages are with very competitie Price, we can say a Budget tour packages with full inclusions. we created a tour packages to Machu picchu after carefully evaluation and travlers requested, feel free to check it with our sales team, best tours package with very competitive Price. We have a free airport pick up as complementary of our service, once you confirmed your tour with us , send us your flight information, Will welcome you to Cusco city.

Are you ready to travel again? We are here to support you. Your safety, as well as the safety of our employees, has always been our top priority, we know travel plans make suffer any chances on the way due to weather conditions, flight delays, etc, we are with 24 h available to assist you with any last minute changes and make your journey always wihtout stress.

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