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Cusco & Sacred Valley

Cusco is known as the Peru’s arqueological capital with is made in 13 provinces and 112 districts, it has as Capital the Cusco city which was the capital of the Inca Culture, we can still see the base of the inca contructionS, an amazing streets and palaces. nowadays is consider as traveler choice for thousand tourists who are landing everyday to enjoy the amazing sites has this important city.

It located at 3350m , it very important you may consider at least 1 or 2 days to adjust in the city then you will be ready to vist the best atraction that Cusco has, the  popular one are Cusco walking tour in which you will visit and see the most imporant places as San Blas area, a very traditional neighborhood, 12 angles stone which connect main square to san blas, inti kahuarina street which connect Main plaza to Qoricancha ( it was the center of the inca empire) then is av el sol , only long avenue that connect front airport to main plaza of Cusco,. after that we have San francisco square , a botanic square where you can see the most representative flora and the San Pedro market , one of the oldest and tipical local markets, where you will find basicalle everything, food, juice, cloth, souveniers, meat, etc .

Around Cusco city is located beautiful Inca sites, like SACSAYHUAMAN, QENQO, PUCAPUCARA, TEMPLE OF THE MOON AND TAMBOMACHAY, each of them are unique, these sites are included in the Cusco city tour, where the guide will take you to enjoy each of them.

Sacred Valley of the Incas, is one of the fertile valley that Cusco region has, it was used by our ancestor – incas to farm white big corn, an imporant cereal which was a main dish, nowadays we still farming corn and

Cusco city tour
Trips to Machu Picchu

Cusco city is located at 3350m, consider this elavtion by main plaza of Cusco, if Will be your first experience at this elavetion you may probably feel the syntoms, it usualy happenes at the arrivel time or the first day, if you do not feel any of the syntoms until the fisrt day, means you will not have the problema with the altitude, you are ready to enjoy the beauty of Cusco, in case you Will feel the syntoms we suggest you may to Sacred Valley where you can feel much better.

Most travelers take flight to Cusco, there are many flight Lima Cusco, its only hour byt plane, another option is by bus. Main acces is Arequipa Cusco almost 12h bus, Puno Cusco almost 8h bus, Lima, Abancay Cusco, almost 26h bus. Due to the geaografy is long way dring, so is better you may consider to take flight Lima Cusco.

Yes, there are many option, at airport there is but usually the Exchange rate is low, around the main plaza of Cusco you Will find many oficial Exchange house whereall King of money can be change with Good rate. Ask for small bills, 10, 20, they usually give you all 100 and in case you want to buy wáter, small souveniers they do not hace change.

There are many hotels in Cusco, the popular ones are Casa Andina Hotels, Tierra Viva hotels, Rumipunko, Antigua Casona san Blas, Hilton garden. Costa del sol. If you are looking for luxury ones, you can check Palacio del Inka, Marriott, Belmond Palacion Nazarenas, Monasterio, Aranwa, there are hostel as well, Pariwana, Wild rover, Tunki,

Cusco city is safe, there are a lost of pólices , howover as in any south america country there are pick pockes, they are usually at crowd places , markets, shopping centers,we suggest do not take a lot money and always carfeull with your cellphone, cámara, then everything Will be find,

We suggest you be in Cusco at least 2 days prior to do any long treking tours, while you are adjusting you can consider visit Sacred valley tour, Moray maras, then you Will be fine and ready for more adventure. Another option is you may go directly to Aguas Calientes and stay there a night, visit Machu picchu and once you back you can do another tour in Cusco and around, like raimbow Mountain, humantay lagoon.

Cusco has many beautifull atraction, the main one is Machu picchu citadel, almost all trekking tours and tours by train includes Machu picchu on the last day, we have here some popular trekking tour, Classic Inca Trail , Short Inca Trail, these 2 takes you walking through sungate to Machu Picchu, Salkantay Trek consider the second best trekking option, Lares valley trek, huchuyqosqo trek, Ausangate trek to raimbow Mountain, it becoming popular treking as well,

Custom package, which combines manyo of these trek with day tours of Cusco, sacred valley, Moray maras, raimbow mountain, Humantay lagoon,

You can choose one of you set packages or we can customized according your preferences as well. Feel free tol et us know.

We are a local tour operator based in Cusco and we run all our tours with our own logistic, we never put you on third companies, all tours & trek you book Will be operated directly by our team , that way we guarantee your possitive experience.

Absolutely yes, our team of tour guides speak fluent english, they are already years on this bussines, that means they have a lot of experienced creating lifetime experiences. Our office team are always pront to answer any questions you may have as well. Traveling with us you Will be in Good hands and your experience is guaranteed.

Sacred Valley is located at lower elevation than Cusco and is better place to adjust to the altitude. Its nice valley, warm and very peacefull , if you consider to stay in Sacred Valley we recommend you to choose Ollantaytambo or Urubamba.

In sacred valley tour, groups visit Pisac Inca site, Pisac local market, Ollantaytambo Inca site, and Chinchero, there are Moray, and salt mines near to sacred valley, it usually is visit in Moray maras half day tour. We can consider 2d sacred valley which allow you to visit all these sites and enjoy the nature as well. Farming área, sacred valley is very fertile and people farm corn and potatoes.

Sacred Valley is a full day tour, we start by 8am and end around 6,30pm, you Will have plenty time to walk each inca site, explore and take picture and videos, your guide Will give you a full information about each site.

Yes, is posible, if you Will do Inca Trail or visit Machu picchu by train we suggest you stay in sacred valley – Ollantaytambo, that way you Will not be wake up very early in Cusco, for Inca Trail tours if you are in Cusco pick up is by 4,30m but if you stay in Ollantaytambo you Will be pick up by 6am , you wil have extra hour to sleep, is Good place to adjust to the altitude as well.

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