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Raimbow Mountain hike

Recenctly was dicover and become quickly very popular, the mountain is called RAIMBOW MOUNTAIN or WINICUNCA , its the mountain that is combine with many color very similar than raimbow, that is why the name came, nowadays thousand tourists visit everyday. This tour is posible to visit only in a day, Most groups departs from Cusco at 4am , its about 2h driving where there are restaurant offering breakfast and lunch, after enjoy lunch is 40m more to the Trail head located at 4300m, from that point we walk up way for about 2h until the Summit of the mountain and finally you Will be there to enjoy the beauty of this mountain, due to the elevation (5100m) you can not be for long time, we are around 40m there then you Will have chance to back the same way or hike to the red valley, in the backside of the raimbow mountain is located the famous red valley, the path takes you to the upper part of this valley and have chance to enjoy the valley , after enjoy all you Will back down way until the Trail head where the driver is waiting for you and take you back for about 40m and get the Cusipata village where you Will have lunch, after that its about 2h driver back to Cusco, groups back in the town by 5 to 6pm.

Most groups follow this plan, there is another way that groups are going to the mountain. Raimbow Mountain with ATV, for this option groups leave Cusco by 4am as well. We go driving for about 2h and half to Pitumarca, we have breakfast then we Will get the point where ATV are ready, after we get ready and all instruction the tour guide Will give you , it takes you around 30m by ATV up way in ziz zag, we Will get near to the Summit of the raimbow Mountain. We Will have for about 30m to get the Summit of the raimbow Mountain, you have time to enjoy it, then back to the same point where the atv are, then you Will ride back for about 30m, then you say Good bye, the driver Will take back to the village where you Will have lunch, then Will be 2h drive back to Cusco, approx time back is by 5 to 6pm.

Rainbow Mountain tours
Rainbow Mountain tours

Below we have some importan FAQ about Raimbow Mountain.

Raimbow Mountaian or Vinicunca is located at 5200m, it’s consider high elevation, to hike this mountain you must adjust to the alevation, local people hire a horse in case you Will need, you can ride at least the way up, after the enjoy the views you may walk back and is easier.

Raimbow Mountain has couple option how to get there, the most popular and short distance walking is via Cusipata. After driving almost 2h and half we get to the Trail head (4420m) from where you Will start walking. It’s about 2h and half in slow pace, you Will walk about  800m up. The views along the way are amazing. If you feel altitude problema, the tour guide takes oxigen and you can see the option to rent horse as well.

Yes, we took many families and they completed without a problem. We highly recommend with kid from 8 years on, they are active and Will do. You can go with kids under 8 but Will need help, you can rent horse for way up and porter who can carry.

Trekking boats are better, specially for the way back, is down way and sleepery, specially in the wet season from January to April , in dry season you can do with sneaker or regular running shoes, on the top of this if you take trekking poles that Will help you a lot and avoid any accidents.

Yes, there is an amabulance there with paramedic from one of the local clinic, they are always available to assist you in case you need any medical asistan, mostly hikers feels altitude sicknes, so our tour guide Will have a oxigen and some pills about it as well. We highly recommend you to have a travel insurance which can cover any medical expenses, all clinics in Cusco Works with travel insurance.

Well, you can go alone on your own, however visiting an important atraction, you Will a tour guide who can help you with anything you may need and information about the site as well, its better to go with travel agency who can coordinate all logistics for your hike, there are backpaking tour with around 20 to 30 people and Price are cheaper, but some tour companies opérate in small group, like us, maximun is 10 people, that way you may have more personalized experience and Price a Little higher.

For raimbow Mountain there is not ticket to buy in advance, they sell the entry fees at the entry point, tickets never sold out, we Will take care all ticket once we get there. That is why is posible to book it even a day before to go, depending how you feel. We can change your travel date as well, if you feel sick or tired , we can move for the following day or another according your travel plans. Its flexible.

Its not allow to camp at the Summit of the mountain but you can camp near , due to the elavation as well, its difficult to camp at 5000m ,, in case you want to camp you can do at Trail head of the cars, which is by 4430m.

ATV is another beautiful option to get raimbow Mountain, you can book through us and we Will take care all logistics. It needs to book at least a wekk before to guarantee the ATV, there is limited option with ATVs. Some days a lot people are going and they book it in advance.

Local people who own that área has some llamas, the are some llamas the Summit of the raimbow mountain for pictures, they charge 3 to 5 soles and you can take amazing pictures with them. That way you Will help them.

Its the first highest peak in Cusco city, located at the east, it consider one of the sacred Mountain as protector for the andean people, howadays there is tourist doing the hike in that área, we have option to do in 4days which allow you to hike part of the site and raimbow mountain, the classic 5days which goes round the glacier, due to the elevation is consider as challenge hike. The área around the glacier is just awesome, many small lagoons which nice colors, some local families who are consider the last Inca’s who still practicing our ancestor customs.

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