General Terms and Conditions

Thank you very much for Traveling with Qoricancha Expeditions! The Peruvian system of services and products sometimes differs from your home country. It’s important to be well-informed about the services and products you’ll encounter while traveling in Peru.

Qoricancha Expeditions operates in Peru and regions where standards of accommodation can vary. Transportation and services might not be like those you would normally have back home. However, we strive with all due care and skill to provide the best service for our clients. Traveling in Peru requires flexibility, patience, broad-mindedness, good humor, and an understanding that changes may be made without notice due to circumstances or occurrences beyond our control, for example, Fligh delay, strike, protest, landslide, bad weather, etc. (Force Majeure). By booking any of our tours & treks, you agree to allow Qoricancha Expeditions to make necessary changes without liability.

Acceptance of our Term and Conditions.

By making a reservation through our website, via email, or in person at our office, you acknowledge and agree to these Term and Conditions. Any participation in our services Will be considered as a acceptance of this agreement.

Modification to these Term and Conditions.

Qoricancha Expeditions holds the right to update or modify these terms and conditions to use without prior notice. The customer is responsable for regulary reviewing our term and conditions to ensure they are aware of any changes.

Booking Confirmation.

When you’re ready to book your tour with Qoricancha Expeditions, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the online booking form and submit a deposit of $200 per person.
  2. Our sales team will email you within the next 24 hours to verify your passport information, travel dates, and availability.
  3. We will require your re-confirmation email as confirmation from customers. Afterward, we will purchase your permits and send you a confirmation email with an invoice containing all the details about your booking.
  4. Once permits are purchased and confirmed, they are not refundable or transferable. If you decide to cancel the tour, you will lose the deposit.

Important: Please ensure that you thoroughly read, understand, and agree to our terms and conditions before confirming your reservation.


How to Book a Tour with Qoricancha Expeditions?

We offer a simple and easy way to book with us:

  • You can contact us by email or through our online WhatsApp chat. Inquire about the availability of your desired tour or trek.
  • Once the availability is confirmed, you will be required to fill out our online booking form.”

1.- Passport Details: To confirm any tour, trek, or package, we require your passport information. It must match your passport’s legal name, and nicknames are not accepted. Please provide the following details:

First Name

Last Name

Passport Number (If you do not have a passport or need to renew it, you may provide your driver’s license number)


Date of Birth


2.- Initial Deposit: To secure a reservation for a tour or trek with Qoricancha Expeditions, clients must make a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit. We require a deposit of $200 per person, which we use to purchase the necessary tickets for the tour or trek you are booking, and $400 per person if you are booking a custom tour that includes hotels.

This deposit will be made using either PayPal, which incurs a 5% merchant fee covered by the client, or Western Union (the merchant fee may vary depending on the amount you send). Once a reservation has been initiated, the client is considered to have carefully read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Qoricancha Expeditions.

3.- Reservation Confirmation: Once we have your passport information and deposit, our sales team will proceed to purchase the permits. Afterward, we will email you a confirmation invoice. Your tour will be considered 100% confirmed only after you receive a written confirmation from Qoricancha Expeditions.


1.- Accepted Payment Methods.

For Initial deposit and final payments we accept Paypal, Western Union or Cash

No Client can start the tour unless the payment has been fully paid.

2.- Balance payment.

The balance payment must be made at least 1 day before your tour, either by PayPal or in cash.

PayPal charges a 5% service transaction fee.

3.- Cash Payment.

Cash payment must be made at least 1 day before of the tour.

We accept either US Dollars or Peruvian Soles.

Important note: bills that are ripped or torn, regardless of the size of the demage Will not be accepted.



Notification of cancellation must be formally submitted via email to your travel advisor at  In the case of a last-minute cancellation, you may also contact us through our WhatsApp online chat. This will help us prioritize your request.


Our policy for our initial deposits for our treks, tours, and custom packages is unfortunately 100% non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. This policy applies even in the case of a medical emergency. The reason for this non-refundable and non-transferable policy is that we use the initial deposit to secure the necessary permits for entering the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, hotels, train tickets, and other arrangements, all of which are non-refundable to us due to government regulations.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation 4 weeks or more before the date of your departure: Cancellation fees are equal to the amount of your deposit.

Cancellation between five days to 48 hours before the date of your departure: 50% of the total tour or trek price is due.

Cancellation less than 48 hours before the date of your departure: 100% of the total tour or trek price is due.

Cancellation of a trek during the trek: This is 100% non-refundable unless Qoricancha Expeditions is determined to be at fault.

Changes of Dates Made by Client.

If, due to any travel circumstances, you need to change your travel dates, please do so by emailing us at  We will review your case and respond as soon as possible. We are a highly flexible local tour operator and will assist you to the best of our ability. However, there may be a penalty fee, which depends on factors such as the date you request the change and the specific tour or trek you booked. For example, if you request a change of dates after we have already purchased your permits, we will charge you the price of the permit fee. The exact amount will be provided in our response to your request.

Important Note: Inca Trail and Machu Picchu permits are non-refundable and non-transferable. This means that if you wish to change the date, we will lose the reserved spot, and the only option is to check the availability for the new travel date and purchase a new permit. This regulation is part of the government policy and applies to all tours.

Aditional important Considerations.

If a client is unable to start the hike or tour due to health or physical issues, no refunds will be provided. The client is responsible for the subsequent costs such as food, hotels, transportation, etc. Our customer service staff will contact you and assist you with all the necessary coordination to meet with your group in Machu Picchu for the last day.

If the client needs to return from the hike due to health or physical issues, no refund will be provided, and the subsequent expenses such as food, hotels, transportation, or hospital costs will be covered by the client. Our customer service staff will contact you and assist you with all necessary coordination to meet with your group on the last day in Machu Picchu.

Failure to participate in a scheduled tour is considered a no-show. There are no refunds for no-shows under any circumstances. Additionally, there are no refunds for omitted services included in your trek.


When booking any tour with Qoricancha Expeditions, you must inform us about any existing medical conditions, allergies, pregnancy, or any specific health concerns.

Clients should be in optimal physical condition. If you have any doubts about your health, consult with your doctor. If you are over 70, a current medical certificate confirming your good health will be required.


Qoricancha Expeditions strongly advises all travelers to obtain comprehensive travel insurance. This can provide protection in case of medical emergencies, trip cancellations, Travel delays, lost or delayed baggage or any other unexpected events that may occur during your trip.

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients and encourage all travelers to be transparent about their health status and to make informed decisions about their ability to embark on any of our tours. Your health is our priority.


Peru, like many countries, typically requires that a traveler’s passport be valid for at least six months beyond their planned date of departure from the country. This is a common entry requirement to ensure that travelers have a valid passport for the duration of their stay in Peru and for any unexpected delays that may occur. It’s important for travelers to check and meet the passport validity requirements of their destination country to avoid any entry issues. We are not responsable for any issues retaled to your Passport or visa.